IDC Compliance Services is a department that validates procedures and processes in the company, to make sure they are all compliant to company and government standards.

The logo design was a competition participated by different designers within the company. My logo design was the stakeholder top pick that became its brand.
Graphic Designer
March 2022​​​​​​​
Designing The Brand
I decided to design my logo entry that would communicate the feeling of being strong and secured, as well as being assuring. I came up with the idea of using a shield with a checkmark to represent that feeling. Spelling out the department's name, "IDC", was a perfect match to execute this idea.
The style of the business card is very clean and contemporary, keeping just all the essentials in the design. It's printed on heavy matte stock to give a high quality feel. This project has been nothing but incredible and quite validating to have my design selected among many to represent the department. 
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